Management Philosophy and Policy


Management Philosophy and Policy

Management Philosophy


We pledge to be a trusted partner delivering performance that exceeds our customers’ expectations performing as a world class manufacturer.


To provide world class "Creative Solutions" from Design Innovation through Manufacturing and Distribution delivering highest product quality and competitive price.

YAMADA Management Policy

The YAMADA Management Policy is the revised 2016 version of the policy originally established in 2009.

The company lists Innovation and Creation in Article 1, which is necessary not only in proposing products but also in monozukuri and offering of services, and we always bear in mind ingenuity and innovation to distinguish us from competitors, which is also relevant to achieve the items in Article 2 onwards. It also incorporates the idea of being an organization not afraid of change that would think on its own without being passive. It is an action guideline that sets the correct actions for YAMADA employees. By complying thoroughly with these commonsense items, we hope to build not only the employees’ habits but also the proper corporate culture for the company.

  • 1. Innovation and Creation

    We will bring better service, product, technology and solution to the customers through Innovation and Creation.

  • 2. Customer First and Partnership

    We will treat our customers as our business partners. We always set customers success, satisfaction, impression and trust as our standard of conduct. Also, we will ask ourselves "Why selecting YAMADA?" to improve and enhance our competitive advantage.

  • 3. Sustainability of the Business

    We will sustain and expand our business (which is the base of all employees living) securing appropriate profit in response to the expectation of all stakeholders including the local societies.

  • 4. Compliance

    We will proceed the business operation with compliance with the rules and high ethical standard.

  • 5. Respect Individual and Professional Development

    We will build the energetic work place where the individual can perform 100% of own ability. Also, we will support professional development on each employee with conviction "People make the enterprise".

  • 6. Global Team Work

    We will try to achieve the company goal and commitment by Global Team Work with trust.

  • 7. Execution and Continuity

    We will execute all subjects and issues with sincere attitude and value the continuity of the basic action to gain the customer satisfaction and trust through our continuous improvement.

  • 8. Can Do Attitude

    We always have "Can Do Attitude". We will never give up the higher goal and will think how we can make it happen instead of bringing the reason of impossible.